Halloween at Tranquil Vista

November 1, 2020

By Kelly Meis

It is with overwhelming pride and gratitude, I share with everyone how blessed I am!!  

The guests of Tranquil Vista and the house manager decided they wanted to be of service in the community by giving 300 homeless children a Halloween celebration they will never forget!  

These ladies worked with several extremely generous businesses to create gift bags full of super cool items!  

The ladies in my sober living are what make it what it is. It isn’t the beautiful house, nor the furnishings, nor the lovely neighborhood (which aren’t too shabby thanks to the landlord)!! It’s the loving, caring, thoughtful, and hardworking ladies that make TV what it is.

It is these ladies who have made my dream a reality - much more than I could have ever imagined!  They are spreading such goodness, which is so much needed in these tough times. Thanking God for all of these wonderful ladies in my life.

You've worked hard to get sober.

Let’s keep you there.

At Tranquil Vista, we are committed to being present and involved in your daily care.  Give you and your sobriety the best possible chance for success and partner with Tranquil Vista.

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